What does this Add-On have to offer ?

Download Flash and Video is an amazing download helper tool which lets you download Flash games and videos (Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook and more) the easiest way possible.

The downloader is very simple to use.

Flash and Video Download:

Download any Flash games and other Videos - this great tool can download Flash videos and games along with any other videos on the web. You can download any Flash files and games on the web, like Facebook or any other web site with Flash games. Compatible with DownThemAll and NoScript. This tool is great for users who like to visit any web sites with videos or like to play any Flash games on the Internet and then download them later.

Download Videos:

Download any web videos you would like from any of these web sites Dailymotion, Facebook, Metacafe, MySpace Video, Blip.tv, Break.com, MyVideo.de, Spike, vimeo.com, zippyvideos.com, YourFileHost and all the other popular Flash videos sites. You can download videos in popular formats.

Download Flash Games:

Download any Flash Games you wish from community.games.com, gamespot.com, zoopgames.com, armorgames.com, net-games.biz, flashgames247.com, gamesvine.com and other popular Flash web sites.

How to Download:

It's very easy to download a Flash game or a video from a web site, simply use the icon on the status bar (check the Image Gallery), choose the file you would like to download and the downloader will start immediately (to download Flash files you need to choose the any of the files with the SWF Extension, the downloading videos option will be enabled once you visit any videos websites).